Incident Command Simulator Training
By - Jon Johnson
March 6, 2021

This past Saturday, March 6, 2021, several members of the Company participated in an Incident Command Simulator training event.

This training is presented by the University of Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI) and allows fire and emergency services personnel the opportunity to hone their skills as an incident commander or company officer in a supportive and no-risk learning environment. The simulator allowed members from all ranks - Probationary Firefighter up to Captain - the chance to apply their knowledge and experience to simulated real-world events while acclimating to forthcoming incident command policy revisions.

Many thanks to the Maryland Fire & Rescue instructors who spent their morning with us to help improve our service to our community!

If your company is interested in holding incident command simulator training, please contact the MFRI Sim Center at MFRI Headquarters in College Park. They can accommodate the training at their facility or they can bring the sim center to you!