South Glen Apartment Fire with Multiple Rescues
By - Jon Johnson
January 1, 2021

At approximately 7:05pm, Rescue Squad 34 was among multiple units in the 1st Battalion alerted for an apartment fire in South Glen Burnie.

While units were responding, they were advised by Fire Alarm that they were receiving multiple calls and reports of people trapped as well as people jumping from their balconies. Engine 261 arrived on location and advised fire and smoke showing as well as the need for multiple ladder rescues. Rescue Squad 34 assisted Truck 31 with laddering the building and performing ladder rescues of occupants trapped on their balconies. Rescue Squad 34 then proceeded inside to perform secondary searches throughout the apartment building and they also assisted with overhaul.

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department's Fire Investigation Bureau (FIB) is investigating the cause of the fire and cost of damages is unknown at this time.

Rescue Squad 34 Crew:

FADO - Chief Olson
OIC - Captain Johnson
FFII Lindsay
FF Cleckner
FF Thomas

*All photos were obtained from citizen photographers via social media posts/comments*

Units: 1st Alarm: E261, E331, E41, E181, E301, TK26, TK31, RS34, MU26, Safety-5, BC1, BC2 Working Fire Task Force: E321, E101, QNT43, MU12, EMS1, AW01, CW01, CW03, Rehab-2, Safety-1 Additional Units: E311, MU4, MU28, MU33, MU33B, PIO-2, QI-2, FM860, FM865, FM764, FM762, OPS Chief
Mutual Aid: Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport Fire & Rescue Department

Richard Meise January 02, 2021 at 1:06 PM
Great job guys!!