First due house fire - Box alarm 34-01
By - Melvin Clark
June 29, 2020

On June 24, 2020 at 22:55 hrs. Box alarm 34-01 was struck for a house fire at 108 Packard ave. for a reported house fire. Engine 343 responded, and was on the street 33 seconds after the call was dispatched, and on the scene 90 seconds after the alarm was sounded. Engine 343 and Chief 34 - with a total of 6 volunteers arrived on scene with heavy fire showing. The firefighters from FVFC initiated an aggressive attack on the fire with the help of surrounding companies, as well as B.W.I. Fire Dept.
Ferndale volunteers were on scene for approximately 5 hours assisting the Fire Investigation Bureau, and cleaning up - then spend another 3 hours back at the firehouse cleaning equipment.

Responding members were,
Chief J. Olsen
Lt. T. Olsen
F/F T. Bowman
F/F B. Griffin
F/F D. Thomas
F/F R. Cleckner

Units: E-343, CH-34